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Questions diverses 01

> Can I remove my stickolors?

> ow to calculate the dimensions ?

> I don't know what model my unit is, what can I do?

> Are you connected to IKEA, CONFORAMA, BUT or any other companies?

> My sizes do not match any units on your website, what should I do?

> Can I select a different color for each door or drawer sticker?

> Is my sticker heat resistant?

> Do I have to buy a squeegee and a spray?

> How will my stickers be delivered?

> Matt or glossy, what's your advice?

> Can I fit my stickers alone?

> My cabinet has grooves, can I fit your stickers?

Questions diverses 02

> Does the sticker also cover the door or drawer edges?

> Your stickers are they covering a large enough power?

> Laying tile stickers is the same as that of other stickers?

> Can I ask your tile stickers in my bathroom?

> Are your stickers tough ?

> Are the colors shown on your site true to life?

> My furniture has bursts, what can I do?

> My unit has handles, what should I do?

> I just put my stickers, but it seems they do not stick well. What to do?

> The edges of my sticker don't stick down very well, what can I do?

> Won't there be air bubbles?

> Aren't stickers quite difficult to fit?