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Can I remove my stickolors ?

Of course! Our stickers are easily removed without leaving any trace on all unpainted substrates or unglazed. The paint or varnish, removing the sticker can sometimes damage the surface. It depends on the paints and varnishes. It is best to do a test before, with a sample.

how to calculate the dimensions ?

Must take its dimensions as accurately to the millimeter. So you must use a meter stick to take your measurements which will give you specific dimensions. The objective is that the stickolor does not exceed the edges of furniture to maximize adhesion. Better to have 1 millimeter in less than a millimeter in excess

I don't know what model my unit is, what can I do ?

No problem: - Measure the front panels of the unit you want to personalize - look for the same sizes in our catalogue or use the search tool; enter the dimensions of your front panel to find the right product.

Why is there an “actual size” in the product descriptions ?

We offer all the standard sizes to be found in the main furniture and kitchen stores. For cupboard doors, front panels and drawers, we follow the sizes given by these manufacturers. However, some manufacturers do not always give the exact dimensions. For example, Ikea gives the following size for a standard Faktum door: 60 x 70 cm. The true size of the door as measured is 59.5 x 69.5 cm. This is why we decided to give both sizes on our site: the actual size and the catalogue size.

Are you connected to IKEA, CONFORAMA, BUT or any other companies ?

No, we are not linked to these makes.

My sizes do not match any units on your website, what should I do ?

We have tried to include as many units as possible from the various major manufacturers but there may be gaps. In this case, order any missing stickers in our MADE TO MEASURE MODULE 

Can I select a different color for each door or drawer sticker ?

We recommend not having too many colors in one room because your choices may soon become tiresome. The choices that last often have a touch of simplicity. Also, we apply a premium when the number of colors exceeds two.

Is my sticker heat resistant ?

Our stickers are very resistant but it is strongly recommended not to fit them onto tables or work surfaces which have to take hot dishes, casseroles, etc.

Do I have to buy a squeegee and a spray ?

We supply a squeegee with each order made on our website. However, if you don't have a spray (window cleaner type that you empty and fill with water mixed with a drop of soap or washing up liquid), order one from us in accessories.

How will my stickers be delivered ?

We ship your stickers in a roll, protected with plastic film and packaged in a cardboard tube.

Matt or glossy, what's your advice ?

This is really a matter of taste... The thing to note is that glossy is more solid than matt and is less likely to be marked by impacts.

Can I fit my stickers alone ?

This really should not be a problem. You can fit the stickers alone. Work step-by-step and have a clear work surface. However, for large stickers, e.g. wardrobe doors, it's best to have an assistant. 

My cabinet has grooves, can I fit your stickers ?

Our stickolors are designed for flat surfaces. However, you can fit our stickers to part of the door, e.g. the center between the grooves. Work out your order using our MADE TO MEASURE MODULE 

Does the sticker also cover the door or drawer edges ?

No, the sticker is sized to cover the front panel only. This simplifies fitting and is much more stylish. 

Your stickers are they covering a large enough power ?

Our stickers are dyed and have a thickness of 75 microns. They were covering a significant power but if the goal is to hide very dark colors with very bright colors, it is better to start with a test thanks to a sticker test available in the section SAMPLE

Laying tile stickers is the same as that of other stickers ?

In fact, you can follow the advice of classic pose but you can also replace the step of spraying a wet sponge. Ie: instead of spraying water on the sticker and on the floor, you just spend a very damp sponge on the floor to cover before putting your sticker. Then you drive the water with the squeegee 

Can I ask your tile stickers in my bathroom ?

No worries, you can ask the tile stickers on the walls of your bathroom. They can also be placed in the shower or along a bathtub. When taking the size of your tile, calculate the most accurate. Indeed, it is advised that your stickers will not affect the seal of tiles, in order to improve the adhesion of the vinyl. (It is better to 1 mm less that one millimeter more in your measurements) 

Are your stickers tough ?

Our stickers are extra tough because they are colored right through. We do not print the colors, so you can wash them quite safely. 

Are the colors shown on your site true to life ?

The colors are as faithful as possible, but there may be slight variations due to your screen settings. If you want to be completely sure of the color, order the Likeacolor swatch available in section SAMPLE 

My furniture has bursts, what can I do ?

If your furniture has chips, proceed as follows. Put a thin layer of nail polish to shine. Leave to dry and install your sticker as planned. The goal is to prevent water from seeping under the glare and make the wood swell 

My unit has handles, what should I do ?

Just unscrew the handles before fitting the sticker. After fitting, make a small hole in the sticker over the handle screw hole (use scissors or a knife point) and refit your handles. Ideally you should wait 24 hours before refitting any handles so that sticker adhesion is maximum. 

I just put my stickers, but it seems they do not stick well. What to do ?

The adhesion of stickers is optimal for several hours after installation. Just let dry out your stickers. 

The edges of my sticker don't stick down very well, what can I do ?

You may have used too much soap or water, but it's not a problem. 24 hours after fitting, edge adhesion recovers because the water evaporates. Simply use the squeegee again on the edges.

Won't there be air bubbles ?

Not if you spray with slightly soapy water and push it out with your squeegee. If an air bubble does remain, you can pop it with a pin or needle and push out any air with the squeegee. 

Aren't stickers quite difficult to fit ?

Our stickolors are really simple to fit if you follow our recommendations: take your time, clean the unit before fitting, spray thoroughly with water both on the sticker and the unit (only for colored vinyl because the textured vinyl suport a dry apply), use the squeegee and you'll find it quite simple. If you don't believe us, you can order a test sticker in A4 size, available in SAMPLE