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Likeacolor.com allows you to pay your order with many means of payment.

Credit card online
Check or postal
Like a gift certificate color



This is the easiest and fastest way to complete your order.

Payment by credit card is fast is completely secure. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD.

Like a color you are guaranteed the best possible security thanks to fully secure online payment.

After checking your order, you choose the credit card payment. You are redirected to the payment of CIC. Your connection to this server is fully secured and encrypted with SSL technology, safety standards most prevalent in terms of secure electronic transactions. Your complete credit card information is not communicated to us. We do not store them.

If you pay with a credit card linked to an account in a bank domiciled in France, we remind you that this last obligation to cover the risk of fraudulent use of your card. We also remind you that you must indicate any fraudulent transaction on your card to your bank or the issuing institution.


PayPal encrypts and secures your account information and do not communicate to the recipient of your payments.

Data encryption
PayPal security tools and prevention are among the most efficient market. All data stored on your PayPal account is encrypted.

It's quick and easy
No need to enter your card number with every purchase: An email and a password are sufficient. Your transactions are instant.
Automatic confirmation email
Whenever you receive or make a payment via PayPal, we will send you a confirmation email. If you receive a confirmation email regarding a transaction that you have not done, let us know immediately so we can react better.

It's Free
Using PayPal is free for all your purchases in euros in the European Union.


You do not want to use your credit card or you do not have one? You can pay your order by check or postal order.

Once you have finalized your order, send us immediately your payment made payable to ABOUT GREY at the following address:

ABOUT GREY (like a color)
16 rue Goddefroy

Remember to mention your order number on the back. Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.


You can pay for all or part of your order gift Like a color. It is in the form of an alphanumeric string. You must type in the box. The amount of your check will be immediately deducted from your order and you can pay the balance (if any) by the method of your choice.

No refund in any form whatsoever of all or part of the amount of a gift can not be required.